Samsung Is Now Working On Flexible Laptop

Samsung is currently developing a folding screen laptop at a kick-off event in Korea, confirming its flexible display plans beyond smartphones.

Lee Min-Cheol, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung Computers, said a new form factor for laptops is in the works and would be of practical value to the user rather than unfinished technology.

These laptops will use flexible display technologies designed for smartphones and tablets.

"Like collapsible smartphones, Samsung is working with screen manufacturers to develop laptops with foldable displays that not only shrink but also create new value and user experiences in the context of global trends."

he said during the event. The idea is to provide a powerful laptop without compromising portability. Collapsible screens allow users to have less space while traveling to improve portability. Otherwise, you can open it on a large screen and use it as a workstation if you so desire.

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