Samsung smartphones Could Possibly Have Sensor Holes In Their Frames

The next major version of Samsung is expected to adopt a large 19.5: 9 screen with a small hole that will accommodate the front camera. This leaves essentially no room for other sensors, but after a new patent, Samsung could have found a solution.

The last patent filed by the company, filed in April of this year and recently granted, provides for a device having a number of small holes along the top of the metal frame. These would then be used to accommodate the various other necessary elements, such as the proximity sensor, the in-ear speaker, the 3D face recognition unit and so on.

Since not all sensors are the same size, some holes may be larger than others. Hoping to keep things clean, the holes would be classified by size. In this particular patent, the proposed device also uses a notch.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S10 should also use a 19.5: 9 widescreen format, there will likely be very little room for a cache above and below the screen. If this is indeed the case, it would certainly not be surprising if the South Korean giant uses this patent.

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