Samsung will reveal a new device at its ‘4x fun’ event on October 11th

Just two months after the release of Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has already announced another device. This week, the company announced a "four times fun" event on the website. In this event, it is called "A Galaxy Event" and suggests that a new mobile phone or tablet debuts.

Broadcast on Samsung's website on Thursday, October 11, focusing on Samsung's latest Samsung device, said "more ways to express than ever". Samsung, which floats on the Internet recently, plans to introduce all four-camera equipped devices to the back of the device. This explains the name of the event.

Although there are various choices in the theme of this event, considering the speed after release of Galaxy Note 9 and facts that are only online, it is difficult to imagine Samsung's sleeve Samsung has a foldable cell phone This is the usual opportunity to announce it officially, but in a recent report it seems that Galaxy F was announced with the rumor of 2019.

Whether it's a flagship or not, when the live event starts on October 11th, I will know more about mysterious devices. Although invitations do not include specific time other than 11, Samsung will always offer the latest update as soon as Samsung shares details about the timing and contents of quadruple fun events.

Image Source: Samsung


Hope you like the news Samsung will reveal a new device at its ‘4x fun’ event on October 11th. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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