Samsung’s Galaxy S10 won’t be as boring as the Galaxy S9

The release of a new smartphone with exactly the same design as the previous generation is possible with Apple, but with Android's ecosystem it is difficult to achieve it even if you are Samsung. The Galaxy S 9 is almost the same as the Galaxy S 8, but the cell phone in 2018 is excellent in all aspects in terms of performance. However, the sale of the Galaxy S 9 is not grand but it is hurting Samsung's overall result. Next year, Galaxy S10 has a new design pleased that, according to Samsung Mobile Manager, Ko.

Dealing with the Chinese media, Ko said last week that Galaxy S10 will present a "very important" appearance change without specifying that comment. News comes from the famous Samsung insider Ice universe Who wrote the remarks for Woibo for Kova?

Following Twitter, he revealed that he handed out a 30-page report on Samsung's future products and strategies to Koh.

Mr. Ko obviously liked this report with many suggestions on design.

You can not publish the report, but the phone never uses "not sure" the notch Ice universe:

I do not know if Koh did not say anything about this. But, of all Android providers, Samsung will most likely tend to copy iPhone X even if everyone is doing it.

Ice universe Galaxy S10 has a nice color palette and added that Huawei is superior to the degraded color used in the range of P20 Pro.

According to other rumors of the Galaxy S10, it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor built into the mobile phone and five phones of the phone plus, two video cameras and three lens cameras are mounted on the back. These mean a significant design change compared to the Galaxy S 9, but they are not certified as "very important". Samsung was able to recycle the existing Infinity Display design for the Galaxy S10 series while making the above changes.

The phone should fall in early 2019, probably early January …


Hope you like the news Samsung’s Galaxy S10 won’t be as boring as the Galaxy S9. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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