Samsung’s Graphene Batteries Could Arrive In Galaxy Note 10

Last November, Samsung received a patent for a graphene-based solution, which could lead to batteries with a 45% higher charge than current lithium-ion batteries.

Now, after years of development, an industry insider claims that Samsung's graphene batteries are essentially manufactured and could even be turned into equipment as early as next year.

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages is their ability to pay more. However, these cells can also be charged about 5 times faster than current solutions. This means that it takes an hour for a lithium-ion battery to reach a certain charge volume, but graphene alternatives can achieve the same charge in just 12 minutes. It should also be noted that graphene batteries, despite the faster charge rate, tend to deteriorate less.

As graphene battery production increases, graphene batteries can also be cheaper than lithium ion solutions and also more environmentally friendly. After all, and the best feature of all, for companies like Samsung, is their inability to explode. Finally, scenarios like Galaxy Note 7 are avoided.

At the moment it is unclear exactly when Samsung will use new batteries in its smartphones.

However, it was claimed that the Galaxy Note 10 was an excellent candidate. If that's the case, Samsung's flagship 2019 battery life and charging speed are likely to surpass all previous results, even that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which reaches 70% utilization. only 30 minutes.

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