Samsung's SmartThings tracker is using LTE to find your lost item

Samsung launches SmartThings tracker with LTE-M (instead of Bluetooth) and helps you find yours. The cellular network can be used for real-time location tracking for your pets and kids, and also for misplaced items. Double tap the tracker's power button to send it from SmartThings application and send SOS message.

This tracker is compatible with other Samsung SmartThings devices, so it can be used with other smart home products such as lights, thermostats and security cameras. For example, you can use a follower as an arrival sensor to trigger a light when the device is in range. It also uses it in the geo-fencing area to automatically alert the entry and exit of the tracker. The tracker is waterproof indoors and outdoors, and the battery can be used for up to one week with one charge.

Image: Samsung

The idea of ​​Samsung's SmartThings Tracker is similar to the portfolio Bluetooth tracker and the key from a company like Tile and Chipolo. However, although these Bluetooth trackers are inexpensive and small, they have a limited range that depends on the crowd's GPS to stop at about 200 feet or find lost or stolen objects beyond this range. SmartThings Tracker is based on LTE-M connection, a low-power network designed specifically for IoT devices. Therefore, it is not limited by its range. And even if the smartphone monitors you …

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Samsung's SmartThings tracker is using LTE to find your lost item

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