Scrum Master vs Product Owner vs Product Manager

Agile methodology is a unique concept that has been around since the 2000s. However, it has recently started gaining attention in India as well as the other developing countries of the world. Agile methodology has the most significant role to play in software development. It involves a smooth and sequential implementation of a process in order to obtain a high-end product employing a self-analyzing the hardworking team. In the above-mentioned type of methodology, each member has to analyse themselves and further motivate one’s own self to attain the goals.  Even with a self-analysing strategy, each team requires some people at the top of the chart which can act as a guide as well as a friend to ensure smooth functioning of the team. Such important roles include Scrum Master Certification, Product Manager and Product Owner.

The role of Product Manager has been around for centuries and we all are well aware of it whereas the role of the Scrum Master and the Product Owner is the new addition. The main work of Product Manager in an agile team is to understand what the client wants as a product and devise a strategy to ensure that a high-quality product is obtained at the end. The role of product manager is however different for different teams and it can be clubbed with the role of product owner or scrum master as seen suitable. The main task of Product Owner is to plan as to what is to be developed in the coming month or 45 days. The Product Owner’s main role is to set the milestones for the assembled team. Coming to Scrum Masters, they ensure that the above-mentioned milestone is attained via a smooth process and also takes care of the timely improvement of each step.

  • Difference between the Product Manager and Scrum Master

As mentioned above, a Product Manager is responsible for the overall function of the team. He ensures timely production and effective communication among all levels of the team. A Product Manager not only sees the technical aspect but also the non-technical arena of work. It motivates people, assigns task according to their skills and ensures a high-end product. Hence Product manager is the master of the product being manufactured.

Whereas talking about Scrum Master, he is more of the conceptual expert rather than the overall team expert. A scrum master is well versed with the concepts and principles of Scrum technology and its related principles. He provides technical knowledge and legal knowledge to the team which cannot be provided by the product manager.

Product Manager can also serve the role of Scrum Master if he learns the agile technology and makes himself well versed with the concept. However, it means a lot of responsibility so most of the companies prefer two separate individuals to serve their respective roles.

  • Difference between the Product Owner and the Product Manager-

A Product Manager as explained earlier is an entity who takes the responsibility of the whole product. He manages the technical as well as the non-technical aspect in the team. Whereas a product manager’s role is more inclined towards the managerial side and does not have much expertise when one comes to the core principles of scrum technology. The core responsibilities include legal knowledge, effective communication facilitator, client pacifier, sales, marketing and ensuring a synchronized environment for producing the required product. Hence the product manager is responsible for the overall work.

The Product Owner, however, works on small but significant tasks. He is responsible for the smaller but more technical details of the product making. The main tasks include setting up a task milestone to be implemented in the given frame of time. The time range is decided by the product owner by consulting with the management, the prospective clients and the involved stakeholders. There are few overlapping roles of the these two too. These roles include obtaining feedback and the forming steps for acceptance criterion. Compactly, a Product Manager is a horse of long race and a Product owner is a fox with short milestones.

  • Difference between Scrum Master and Product Owner-


Both The Scrum Master and the Product Owner has been offered with varied roles in the agile methodology. However one of the most significant features of these two is that for a successful product, both the scrum master and the product owner must complement each other and help each other to positively grow along with the development of a healthy product. Now coming towards the distinctive roles and their difference, they have been detailed as follows-

  • The scrum master is more involved with the team and team efficiency is the area of its expertise whereas the product owner focuses more on the deadlines of product formation. Hence scrum master is more inclined towards soft skills of each team member and the product owner is tilted towards the hardware objects like product backlogs etc.
  • Scrum masterworks with a team point of view and the product owner ensure an effective client’s point of view.
  • Scrum master ensures that team works under effective leadership and each team member works according to the required milestones. Hence a scrum master must have leadership qualities, a good grasp of business and team handling and must be well versed with all the agile and scrum related technologies so as the smooth process happens. Whereas the product owner must have a strong grasp of business according to the client’s perspective.

One scrum master, second the product manager and third the product owner play a very distinctive role in the agile methodology. Time and again it has been proved that each company which has transitioned from the conventional technology to the newer agile technology has found more effectively organized and high-quality products and the base of forming this effective product is that each one of these three are well qualified, well skilled and make every possible effort to have a high-quality product.

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