Sen. Rubio takes Apple to task for slow response to Adware Doctor#039;s data harvesting

Senator Marco Rubio asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about why the company would not immediately respond to the title of the Mac App Store exporting their browsers in their country.

Apple waited until Dr. Adware was released to solve this problem. Axios. Senators in Florida asked if they chose to ignore safety researchers' warnings a month ago, and how to act faster, the quick update audit and the introduction of new security checks. Application security.

"For companies that are proud of their privacy and security priorities, this slow response is very confusing," Rubio says.

Adware Doctor, a former National Security Agency staff member, one of the researchers attracting attention to Patrick Wardle, suggested that Adware Doctor has been publishing browsers for several years.

Rubio's main concern for Apple is usually willing to comply with Chinese authoritarian government for market access. The company repeatedly tracked censorship requests from the App Store, delegated administration of local iCloud servers to local companies, making it easier to access.

These behaviors are in contrast to Apple's position in countries such as the United States and Europe. She resisted the US Department of Justice's request to build a backdoor at San Bernardino shooting iPhone, Syed Rizwan Farook, and returned to good when the division succeeded. With a third party

The Chinese market is valued billions of dollars every year, Mr. Cook said that there is a possibility that "joining" may further affect China's leadership, not sitting and protesting.

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