Serious GasBuddy Bug Locks Up iPhones

Avoid using the latest version of the GasBuddy app on your iPhone. The developer sees that it is causing problems and has temporarily removed them from the App Store until a solution can be released. GasBuddy is crowdfunding gasoline prices. It’s free and useful enough to be part of our list of 50 major iOS apps.

GasBuddy, LLC has discussed the problem with its application on Twitter:

“We are aware that some people are having trouble with our iOS app and we are currently preparing an update that we believe could solve the problem and that our application is temporarily unavailable for download by the number of potentially affected users to limit. “

Solve the problem GasBuddy

The version of GasBuddy released a few days ago would cause the iPhone to display a black screen with a rotating circle. It never works.

One option is to use the software only when a new version has not been released. Otherwise, delete it now and reinstall it if the promised update is available.

If GasBuddy is started now, it is possible that it will go into the charging loop described above. The solution is to perform a hard reset on the device. When done right, it does not affect any of the data on the iPhone.

On an iPhone 8, X, XS or XS Max, perform a hard reset by pressing and releasing the volume up key while pressing the volume key and then holding down the key. laterally. Only released when the Apple logo appears on the screen.

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