Ship Overseas Inc Review and Profile – Track Your Ship Shipment Online

Ship Overseas Inc Review and Profile – Track Your Ship Shipment Online
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If you are shipping something valuable and important via a ship, you probably want to know where it is and how it is doing. Fortunately, you can do it online, and you don’t have to bother your shipping agency or anyone else. The most common valuable shipment private people ships are cars or motorcycles. Typically it happens if they are moving somewhere overseas, and they don’t want to give up their favorite vehicle. More affluent individuals even choose to bring their four-wheeled pets on vacations.

However, in order to make sure your vehicle arrives safely, make sure you follow these guidelines by Ship Overseas for best results. Once your vehicle has boarded the ship, however, you can only sit and wait. In our modern world, information is king, so having some information about the shipment may be important to you.

Online Services

There are several services which offer you live maps of all registered ships. You can easily find them by simply looking them up online. However, before you can find your shipment, you must know which ship it is on. This is why you need to contact you shipping agency to get the details. A reliable agency will have no problem with giving you this and any other information you ask for.

What Can You Track?

Even though you may be interested solely in tracking your ship, these services often offer a wide array of options of what you can view and track.

  • Live Maps – The basic service is exactly what the name suggests, a map with actual time-accurate positions of all the ships. You can find the ship you are interested in manually, or you can search for it by typing in the name into the search bar. The information is updated frequently, so it is fairly accurate.
  • Ports – Apart from ships, you can search various ports. Their arrival and departure times, as well as the ports closest to your location, if you’re still in the pre-shipping search phase.
  • Satellite coverage – this service is fairly expensive and it is intended for major shipping and transport companies. That being said, most of these services offer a free trial, so you can even mess around with that if you want.
  • Weather Forecast – A fairly mundane thing such as weather forecast can be important when it comes to ships. Weather is much more intensive on the open seas, so even large ships tend to avoid the worst of the storms. Forbes’ article about how ships deal with hurricanes is an interesting read. If you are wondering why your shipment was delayed or why your ship is taking a detour, it‘s useful to compare the route change to the weather patterns on the sea.
  • Various Notifications – If you subscribe to these services, they can send you a variety of notifications via the email or SMS. Things like ship speed, the weather and estimated time of arrival are all available, as well as many other notifications which probably make sense to shipping professionals.

Further Uses

These tracking services are useful to individuals who want to follow their shipment moment-to-moment. However, their real purpose and their real potential lie in their business application. Transport companies get much more out of these services and the services are designed primarily for their purposes.

Mobile Apps

Like most contemporary companies, these tracking services are adapting to our mobile society and internet habits. They are developing, or have already developed apps for IOS and Android platforms which can do as much as the web-based version can. So, even if you’re not at your computer, you can get complete and accurate information about your shipment.

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