iOS 12: Siri Shortcuts Beta Introduces Limited HomeKit Integration

Apple on Friday released a new beta version of its Shortcuts app to test them, and although the update is slight on feature additions, some users running the latest version of iOS 12 simultaneously reported limited integration of HomeKit.

In Shortcuts beta 2.0, HomeKit’s compatibility is apparently limited to Siri’s contextual suggestions in iOS 12 beta 6, who saw the release earlier this week.

Developers test shortcuts on devices running iOS 12 can find new HomeKit actions under Siri Suggestions, a standalone workflow category or by entering “Home” in the action search bar. It seems that Siri Suggestions, and not the Home app, feeds the current integration of HomeKit because the search results return the actions of the Home application under “Siri Suggestions”.

For the moment, Siri Suggestions seems to be shooting custom HomeKit scenes or customizable macros that chain commands for multiple smart home appliances.

The integration of HomeKit in the shortcuts, although restrictions to Siri Suggestions make the surfacing process quite cumbersome. Instead of displaying the list of HomeKit actions available directly in the shortcuts, users must first trigger the desired scene in the home application, go back to the shortcuts and access the command. via Siri Suggestions.

In addition to HomeKit, version 2.0 shortcuts are based on the initial beta of Apple. released early last month with bug fixes and other minor system enhancements.

Standing at WWDC 2018, Shortcuts is a highlight of the iOS feature 12 which allows users to create and run application macros via custom Siri phrases. For example, an iPhone user can create a shortcut called “I lost my keys” that automatically sends a ping to a Bluetooth-enabled tile tracking.

Kim Beverett, Apple’s product manager, introduced the system on stage using the application’s drag-and-drop editor to add a series of actions to a custom shortcut called “Heading Home.” When you speak, the phrase asked Siri to search for map navigation routes, send custom text via Messages, set a home thermostat, and start playing KQED radio.

The shortcuts come with iOS 12 later this year.

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