Skin or CGI? Alitala: Battle Angel pulls cartoons to a photorealistic level

Looking at the 3D clip of future manga movie "Alita: Battle Angel", certain scenes jumped into my eyes. The main character Alita lies on the bed, the sun taps her face lightly, extreme close-ups touch her skin and give a complex view of the light that reflects even on the small hair of her face. The way that his skin moves and breathes me makes me confident that I am looking at the face of a young lady.

To my surprise, I saw the pixel.

Alitala: Keean Johnson (left) and Rosa Salazar (center) of the scene from the battle angel.

In the festival I met the actors of producer John Landau, Robert Rodriguez, Rita Salazar. Crunchyroll Expo Last weekend, I asked if I was watching an image of a skin or an image created by a computer with animation comics and celebrations.

"[Visual-effects house] Weta Digital has been working on it for several years. " Said Landau. Skin "is what they know that it is essential to give a real expression to CG characters, they are doing a lot of research on this.

They are engineers, but they are also poets.

Rosa Salazar

This movie 20 years ago woke up in an apocalyptic city, about Saiborg's girl who embarks on a journey to understand where he is, without knowing who he is, by Yukito Kishi of Battle Angel Alita It is based on manga. Dr. Dyson Ido, a father figure specializing in health care

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Skin or CGI? Alitala: Battle Angel pulls cartoons to a photorealistic level

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