Small, flexible plaster uses ultrasound waves to monitor blood pressure inside your body

A small expandable patch can be used someday to monitor deep blood pressure in the body without relying on invasive methods.

Bachelor's degree team led by the University of California in San Diego said ultrasound patches that do not outweigh the average cast will be very valuable to medical professionals who must constantly monitor the progress of blood pressure in seriously ill patients It was.

In a paper published in the September 11th issue of the scientific journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, researchers say that noninvasive methods can monitor the arterial blood pressure placed at the strategic point of the human body.

Chonghe Wang / Biomedical Engineering Nature

The patch is made from a thin sheet of silicone elastomer. A small island's electronic network is connected. Each electrode contains an ultra-compact device called a piezoelectric transducer.

These electronic components are connected by strips of copper wire that can be bent and stretched to conform to the texture and curves of the human skin.

Screen capture - 2018-09-21-at-10-49-15.png
Chonghe Wang / Biomedical Engineering Nature

Ultrasound infiltrates the body and can record a blood pressure of up to 4 centimeters under the outer layer of the skin. As blood vessels pulse, blood movement is recorded and converted into a waveform.

"The general shape of the peaks, valleys, notches, and corrugations of a waveform represents a specific activity or event in the heart," explains the academic. "These signals provide a lot of detailed information to the physician evaluating the patient's cardiovascular health status"

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In male subject tests, during exercise and exercise, we were asked to wear patches on the forearm, wrist, neck and foot. He was stopped.

Various tests revealed that the patch was able to function as well as some of the current clinical methods used to measure blood pressure.

The academic team said, "I believe that this patch can be used to detect cardiovascular problems in the future …

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