Some iPhone X cases may not fit iPhone XS

The owner of iPhone X who pre-ordered the new iPhone XS may be disappointed even if you try the old case with the new iPhone.

The dimensions of iPhone XS are virtually the same as iPhone X's dimensions, but Apple seems to produce some incompatible cases, making very small changes to the back camera's chunks.

Apple was able to increase the sensor of iPhone XS camera by 32% without thickening it. Although the device looks the same, Mac Otakara found that the chunks on the back of the iPhone XS are a bit different.

The length of iPhone X lump is 24.13 mm, but the length of iPhone XS is 25.50 mm. I do not hear this extra millimeter much. The case that fits perfectly on iPhone X's camera will not work with iPhone XS. The width of the two camera bumps is slightly larger.

Apple's iPhone X Leather case is incompatible with iPhone XS. The likelihood that it will not go well in many other cases is very high.

Fortunately, many new iPhone XS cases come out soon and do not cover the camera. Unfortunately, this means that you have to spend more money on iPhone XS, but how much is an additional $ 50 after spending over $ 1,000 on a new phone?

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