Sony HT NT5 Sound Bar Review

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar with Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Streaming
Sony HT NT5 Sound Bar Review

The HT-N5 hi-res soundbar tops the trio introduced, alongside a sound base and a soundbar surround package due in April. Sony has introduced three new 2.1ch soundbar models at CES 2016, as well as an all-in-one sound base and a 5.1ch soundbar system. There are two three-way speakers made by six discrete amplifiers. Sigma subwoofer unit with the dual magnets for a complete power output of 400W. Sitting atop the soundbar Sony 2016 line-up, the HT-NT5 system consists of a subwoofer and slim wireless soundbar. The latter boasts a hairline finish is smart and has a three-way speaker design that includes a pair of mid-range drivers, flanked by tremendous high-frequency tweeter and tweeter secondary gold ring on the edge of the unit. Inside, there are a Sony S-Master digital amp modules for every driver. Around back two wells connections, one with Arc-enabled HDMI output, the other with a third HDMI and Ethernet. The All three HDMI inputs support 4K Ultra HD source. There may also be a USB port on the best side and Wi-Fi, for the record, is a dual-band. The total range will provide wi-fi, Bluetooth and support wireless multi-room audio, via the Sony Songpal app. There’ll also be NFC for fuss-free pairing and Connect with Google Cast support for streaming.

Sony HT-NT5: Performance And Design


The HT-NT5 soundbar performs differently, depending on the orientation – but the change was not as drastic as you may assume. Stereo imaging is most pronounced when the speaker in its orientation to the wall. Sat flat, sloping midrange woofer sits in a dimpled acoustic, leaving the edges facing tweeters to create a crisp sound field. Don’t worry about finding out which means, though. Ht-Nt5 is smart enough to optimize noise performance depends on the position. Subwoofer, however, might sound a bit frayed but at the least, it was not too intrusive. The HT-NT5 is a soundbar; these are usually placed mantelpiece, on a TV stand, or mounted on the wall. It is 2.1 channel, that means that the bar contains two units of speakers and a subwoofer. Overall, HT-NT5 is achievable 2.1 package that looks beautiful and provides a mid-range level of clarity that the bar is cheaper usually can not match. This prim and proper, music and well mannered. If Delight and Prejudice are your bags, you’re sorted. If the system does have limitations, however, the subwoofer.

Sony HT NT-5 Sound Bar with Wireless Streaming And Hi-Res Audio

Enjoy the subtlest differences of high-quality sound with Hi-Res Audio. It is a powerful subwoofer for deep, booming lows. All in a sleek, stylish sound bar. The HT-NT5 can also be used as a part of a multi-room wireless system, integrate with different Sony wi-fi speaker systems via the brand SongPal applications. We may use the SongPal Link to group selected soundbars and speakers together, then the streaming music from different music services, a smartphone. The system ships with a tiny little remote, but soundbar also has delicate contact controls, and a display that did emerge was a real factor shines by way of the bodywork. Very fashionable. Stream music wirelessly out of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in an on the spot. Take pleasure in straightforward, one-touch connectivity and music streaming because of NFC. No drawback. Join via Bluetooth and also you’re able to go. The HT-NT5 can obtain audio from its 3.5mm (AUX), Ethernet, and HDMI ports and it’s also wi-fi capabilities. It may output audio via its line out port.

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Sony HT-NT5: Sound Quality And Settings

Explore new depth and fine detail in every song and movie soundtrack with the HT-NT5’s master of specialized audio parts and High-Resolution Audio technology. The HT-NT5’s low profile design received your view and could be easily wall-mounted, while excellent speaker control optimizes your sound for both settings. It’s fully 4K suitable too so that you can enjoy a lifelike image alongside authentic sound. Energy Handling or Wattage is the amount of energy a speaker can handle from its amp. More watts means a louder speaker. RMS also called continuous power measures how a lot of energy the speaker can handle over a long period, and it is the best metric power for handling. HT-NT5 has an RMS of 400 Watts extremely highly effective for a wi-fi speaker. Pleasingly easy setup. Crossover with sub managed automatically so that only the allocation and handle volumes. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported by NFC includes each AAC and LDAC-higher decision.  Package includes two wall-mount small for those who prefer that option. However, you possibly can also sit ‘bar in AV furniture. It’s wide, though, at 108cm, make sure that you have enough space. The soundbar’s Home page provides shortcuts display for all inputs and sources, including network devices or NAS and PC. Built-In services steep down to Connect with Google Cast, which effectively opens up a variety of applications on your smartphone, including TuneIn Radio, Qobuz and Google Play Music.


Speaker Type – Wireless Soundbars

Color – Black

Channels – 2.1

Sound Effects – ClearAudio+, superMusic, Sport, Sport, FilmWatts (Whole) – 400

NFC – True

Wi-Fi – 80211 a/b/g/n

HDMI Inputs – 3

USB Ports – 1

Bluetooth – Sure

Amplifier Channels – 6.1ch

Video – 1020/24P


The final word Hi-Res sound bar to your 4K home theater experience. The Sony HT-NT5 packs power and efficiency worthy of any home theater into a sleek, lovely design. Experience the sonic details of each film, playlist, and video game because of the claritSuperTweeters and supports for Hi-Res Audio playback. And connects your compatible device wirelessly to stream music from all of your favorite services. The HT-RT5 you may lose the expandability when it comes to the multi-room set up because the audio system considers itself as a whole unit by itself. There’s no broadcast via a single channel speaker with the HT-RT5.  The Sony HT-RT5 delivery excellent value and equally impressive sound for its price. I would heartily recommend this to anybody looking to get a new audio system for the home. The math and ears agree that this audio system is the best place to start with.

8.5 Total Score

The Sony HT-NT5 offers striking good looks, an excellent feature set, and generous performance. Hear TV and music in greater clarity with the HT-NT5 Wi-Fi® Soundbar with Hi-Res Audio.

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar with Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Streaming
Sony HT NT5 Sound Bar Review

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