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Sony Xperia X Compact

The Sony Xperia X Compact is for something good. It’s a small phone in a world controlled by palm-stretching phablets. Just like the iPhone SE, Sony’s latest is aimed squarely at the people who don’t wish to let go of the little form factor.

In a market full of devices that look nearly similar to each other, Sony’s X Compact also has a form of its own, refined as always, and a surprisingly long list of features for a phone its dimension.

However, for all that it’s, the Sony Xperia X Compact isn’t the low cost or the fastest phone you can receive your hands on. Once outside of the Sony area, you will find much even more offers on an unlocked Android phone that can continue laps around it.


Sony Xperia X Compact

  • Dazzling design impresses, however, comes at the price of waterproofing
  • There’s no fingerprint sensor, For US readers
  • The ceramic-mimicking plastic scratches simply under regular use

The naming convention might lead you to consider that the X Compact is just a smaller version of the Sony Xperia X. However, that’s not totally the case. Apart from some similarities with the rest of the line, the X Compact is unique with its rounded sides, flat front glass panel and an entirely flat top and bottom.

Sony sent along the Universe Black color (that appears more like blue in the sunlight) of the X Compact. One of the greatest design feats right here is that it seems like a unibody design, though it’s built with a mix of Gorilla Glass 4, an oleophobic (oil resistant) plastic on the back and glossy plastic on its sides, that’s influenced by the appear and feel of ceramic. Whereas it does give off a high-end look it aims for, it gets small scratches and fingerprint smudges a little too easily.


Sony Xperia X Compact

The Xperia X Compact including a 4.6-inch IPS LCD with 720p resolution, resulting in a pixel density of 319 ppi. The display is plenty sharp.

The display is fairly good, good viewing angles and providing nice color copy and saturation. The screen also receives surprisingly bright, Typing on the small screen isn’t much of a problem. However, the media consumption experience isn’t going to be as great, not because of the quality of the display, however, because of its size. It’s something that will take some getting used to, however, is certainly not a deal breaker by any means.

Sony Xperia X Compact price and launch date

Sony Xperia X Compact

  • Prices $499 in the US and £359 in the UK beginning September 25
  • GSM network compatible, so only on T-Mobile and AT&T in the US

Sony’s smaller device has started unlocked for GSM networks in the US and the UK for $499 and £359, each.

Previously, Sony’s smartphone providing was more ingrained in the carrier market, though it has quickly changed to the unlocked side of things. You can purchase the phone via Amazon in the US, and in the UK, you’ll be able to buy one on contract at O2, EE, riffraff,, and SIM-free at Carphone Warehouse.

Processor and Battery

Sony Xperia X Compact

The X Compact is controlled by a midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor. However, benchmarks are just a part of the story. It has a 3GB of RAM; the X Compact handles multitasking simply. I didn’t encounter any situations of sluggishness, also with a twelve apps open. The 720p display also supports with high-end games; I was able to play GTA, Asphalt 8 and San Andreas-. Battery life is excellent, though not spectacular for the screen dimension. The phone clocked 5 hours and 49 minutes. It has a 2700 mah battery capacity.


Sony Xperia X Compact

Sony is also making a massive deal about the camera of the Xperia X Compact. The front 5 MP shooter is a pretty standard wide angle lens camera. It has a 23 MP rear camera, which is a similar sensor that’s found with Sony’s higher-end offerings just like the Xperia XZ.

To develop the camera, Sony has added a new laser autofocus system to help with sensing distance and taking better pictures in low light conditions, and there is also a new color sensor to help you become much better white balance. The real kicker right here is that the X Compact has five-axis image stabilization for both the rear camera and front camera when recording video. However, there is no physical inside to make this stabilization happen, with all the stabilization exist software based.


Sony Xperia X Compact

The Xperia X Compact is working Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Sony’s custom skin on top. Sony has scaled back on their customizations and has even gone as far as to add the Google Now home screen to this launcher, which makes the experience feel closer to stock. That said, it does include a lot of bloatware, together with pre-installed Sony apps and a few third-party ones. However, all of these can be disabled and moved out of the process.

Overall, Sony has done an incredible job with keeping the software experience clean and easy, which is also a contributory factor to the smooth performance that is accessible with the Xperia X Compact.

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Display: 4.6 inch HD Triluminos IPS LCD
Processor: Hexa-core, 64-bit Snapdragon 650
Storage: 32 GB
Weight: 135g
Main camera: 23 MP
Front camera: 5 MP
Battery: 2,700 mAh

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The Sony Xperia X Compact is a successful midrange phone with a good camera, however at $500, it’s priced expensively than most of its competition, including our Editors’ Selection for compact phones, the Apple iPhone SE. For $100 less the SE receives you a more powerful processor, Apple’s superior app ecosystem, and a fingerprint scanner. If Apple is the query, the $400 ZTE Axon 7 also gets you a fingerprint sensor and faster processor, as well as a much sharper display. That makes the X Compact one of the perfect compact Android phones you can buy.

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Sony Xperia X Compact - Unlocked Phone - Black


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