Best Soundbars Under $200

Are you looking for the Best Soundbars Under $200, but you have no idea which model to use? You will find this buyer-guide because we have selected the best options on the market. We have already done the product research for you and saved you time. We’ve created a section on purchasing factors that look at key features to view, which is especially useful for buyers who have never bought a soundbar. The speakers in this guide are all good choices but discover the different functions they offer to find the one that suits you.

When you have finished reading this buyer’s manual, you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Even if you do not find anything in this guide, you always have the right information to make a good decision.

Best Soundbars Under $200 Comparison Table

Best Soundbars Under $200
Soundbar NameMountable Rating
Yamaha YAS-108Yes9.5 out of 10
GooBang Doo SoundBarNo9.4 out of 10
Samsung HW-M360/ZAYes9.3 out of 10
Wohome S9920Yes9.3 out of 10
Sony S200FYes9.2 out of 10
Philips CSS2133B/F7No9.1 out of 10
VIZIO SB3821-C6Yes9.1 out of 10
Yamaha YAS-107BLNo9.0 out of 10

Things To Know Before Buying Best Soundbars Under $200

Audio Quality

The sound quality is perhaps the most important feature to consider when buying the Best Soundbars Under $200 because it would be very annoying to spend your hard earned money to receive a poor quality speaker. Before you buy, you have to consider many factors. Here are a few:

  • Used drivers: the quality of the audio driver plays a decisive role in the final results, after all it is the unit that produces the sound. Neodymium drivers offer excellent audio quality and do not cost as much as other expensive drivers.
  • Subwoofer: The speakers in the soundbar usually have a built-in subwoofer that controls the bass, which is very important because the low frequencies give a beat. In addition, some soundbar speakers with subwoofers come on different basses that further enhance the audio experience.
  • Frequency range: the frequency response can vary between the speakers of the soundbar because some have better built-in woofers. 100 Hz – 20k Hz is an ideal range because the bass produces an excellent sound and the high tones are accurate.


The convenience of a Soundbars under $200 is extremely important because it can facilitate the use of the audio device. Bluetooth technology is an excellent indicator that the soundbar speaker is easy to use because you can control the sound and music you listen to. Some soundbar speakers are also supplied with a remote control that allows you to adjust bass and treble. Moreover, the time required for the installation is extremely important because some soundbars require more cables than others. Check the number of cables required for use and decide if you can configure it.

Soundbar speakers with a mounting kit are convenient because you can quickly install the device on a wall. This takes up little space and allows you to place more items on the TV counter. Moreover, with a mountable soundbar, you can save a lot of time because you do not have to make it yourself.


The brand of a soundbar speaker is an important indicator of the production quality of the audio device. The big brands have to create the best possible products because otherwise, they would develop a bad reputation. This is not always the case, however, because less popular brands can make competing products. You can take the time and do the necessary research to find yourself with a brand you can count on to get a great soundbar.

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The way you connect to your soundbar speaker is extremely important because some methods are more practical than others. The Bluetooth connection is an excellent choice because you can connect remotely and easily control the audio with your smartphone or tablet. In addition, some brands have their own applications that allow you to increase bass or treble. However, you can choose a different route and use an AUX cable, which is an excellent method if you do not have a Bluetooth device or if you do not want to use the phone’s battery.

Make sure you use a high-quality cable because the cheaper cables wear more easily and do not provide clear connections. In addition, you can connect to a TV and use the loudspeaker on the soundbar to further enhance the movie experience. A TV with a soundbar speaker makes the movies a lot easier. This is because the subwoofer improves the explosions and the clamps allow a better dialogue.


Sustainability is one of the most important attributes to consider because the Soundbars under $200 are not cheap, so it would be disappointing that it interrupts. You can avoid the risk of breakage of the loudspeaker by placing it in a safe place without obstructing it, for example by attaching it to the wall. In addition, you can purchase additional warranty years to stay safe, which is a low price to pay if the speaker fails. Some speakers have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like the speaker for any reason, you can return it.

Here are the Best Soundbars Under $200

Yamaha YAS-108

The Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar has an integrated subwoofer for deeper bass that brings the sound to life. Watching movies or listening to music with this soundbar is great because the extended frequency response improves and improves the sound. In addition, the soundbar remains synchronized when you watch movies, which means you will not experience any delays. You can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth connectivity to stream music all day long. This method, however, discharges the battery of your smartphone or tablet. That is why Yamaha has included an alternative, namely the AUX cable connection.

This method consumes less battery and may even offer better connectivity than Bluetooth because you do not have to worry about objects that can interfere with the transfer of waves. Moreover, the soundbar is easy to attach to the wall and is ultra-light. The configuration of the soundbar is extremely fast and can be done in a few minutes because it only uses a few wires. In the box, you will receive an HDMI cable and an AUX cable, which will protect you from buying separate cables. When you connect to Bluetooth, you must stay in the connection range, otherwise, the sound may start to cut off. Also, ensure that no objects obstruct the passage as this may result in disconnections. Finally, you can use the supplied AUX cable, but it is recommended to obtain another cable in case the original is broken.


  • Excellent built-in subwoofer
  • Fast to setup
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Not much durable
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GooBang Doo SoundBar

Experience authentic music with the GooBang Doo soundbar, which comes with an extra subwoofer that further enhances the experience. The soundbar contains 4 full-range speakers and two tweeter speakers that offer excellent audio output. You can also connect the loudspeaker with an AUX cable, but make sure you use a high-quality cable because this means you will enjoy better sound quality. The use of cheaper cables can lead to faster wear and poor connectivity. On the other hand, you can connect via Bluetooth because the soundbar has version 4.2 of BT.

Moreover, the soundbar has a built-in equalizer, which is an important advantage because most soundbar speakers do not have this function. The soundbar has 4 EQ: 3D audio modes, News, Music, and Film. Each parameter has its own advantages. For example, the new model offers a clear and precise dialogue that helps the presenter to understand better. However, you may experience some delay when connecting via Bluetooth, but if you use AUX mode, the lip sync delay is low or does not exist. You also need to create space for the whole configuration because you can not mount the subwoofer on a wall.


  • Comes with additional subwoofer
  • Uses Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Side buttons make the soundbar easy to use


  • The soundbar cannot be mounted on the wall
  • When using Bluetooth you can experience a little lip sync lag
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Samsung HW-M360/ZA

Enjoy a dynamic home audio experience with the 200 Watt HW-M360/ZA 2.1 wireless soundbar from Samsung. The supplied subwoofer has a total power of 130 watts and is therefore capable of producing extremely lively bass frequencies that fit well with all songs and all genres of films. In addition, you can connect to the wireless speaker and use the soundbar remotely, so you do not have to go to the speaker every time you want to adjust the sound. You can download and install the Samsung app on your phone to provide even more features that other soundbar speakers do not offer.

You can also place the soundbar under your TV, saving you space for other items in your counter. However, you can not mount the supplied subwoofer as it is too heavy and too large to fit on a wall. To solve this problem, you can easily create a board where you can place the subwoofer. The subwoofer takes up a lot of space, but without this sound, the audio will not sound like alive. Moreover, you can only mount the soundbar on the wall and not on the subwoofer, which means that you first have to create space.


  • Comes with additional subwoofer
  • Can use Samsung’s app to control the audio
  • Easy to set up fast


  • Cannot mount the subwoofer onto a wall
  • Subwoofer takes up extra space
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Wohome S9920

The Wohome S9920 is a 40-inch TV soundbar with 4 15-watt speakers and 2 10-watt tweeters with a maximum power of 80 watts. The combination of these factors leads to a lively music session that reaches 105 dB. In addition, 2 bass reflex tubes add depth to films and songs. In other words, if you are a bass lover, this soundbar is for you. In addition, you can connect to the speaker via a smartphone, tablet or another device with Bluetooth technology. The advantage of Bluetooth is that you can control the sound remotely, which means that you do not have to go to the soundbar every time you want to adjust the audio or skip songs.

In addition, the soundbar loudspeaker can be installed quickly and a remote control is connected when you are not using Bluetooth. In the box you receive a mounting kit that you can use to attach the device to a wall or cabinet, saving you space for other items. If you order this soundbar speaker, you will also receive a one-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. The only drawback we have seen with this soundbar speaker is that the remote control is not compatible with TVs. As a result, the audio from the TV and the soundbar will be on different channels. However, this is not a big problem because you can easily adjust the volume to get a quality sound.


  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Comes with convenient remote control
  • Excellent bass thanks to the built-in bass reflex tubes


  • Remote control not compatible with the TV and only with the soundbar
  • Can be confusing to set up if you’ve never done it before
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Sony S200F

The Sony S200F 2.1ch soundbar with built-in subwoofer is easy and quick to install because it uses a single HDMI ARC cable. So if you have never bought a soundbar, this is a great product for beginners. What’s more, Soundbar produces 2.1-channel surround sound, making it a great option for people who want to use this soundbar to watch TV. The soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer with a maximum power of 80 watts, which means that every explosion with this loudspeaker produces an incredible sound. Not only the bass is excellent, but also the highs and mid tones because they use high-quality tweeters set by professionals.

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In addition, Bluetooth is installed on the soundbar’s speaker, so you can control the music you listen to whenever you want. You can adjust the volume at the push of a button and skip tracks, which is much more convenient than getting up and running to the soundbar. The size of the speaker bar is small enough, so it can not produce loud music that is similar to some other options in this buyer’s guide. However, it can still fill a piece of dynamic sound that will do the job for the majority of buyers.


  • Built-in subwoofer is excellent
  • Control the audio at a distance
  • Easy to mount


  • Small compared to other options
  • No additional external subwoofer
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Philips CSS2133B/F7

The Philips CSS2133B/F7 Bluetooth speaker comes with its own subwoofer that supports low frequencies, while the tweeters control the treble with great accuracy. The subwoofer must be connected to the soundbar via a cable. However, to control the sound, you do not need a cable because it has Bluetooth technology. The availability of Bluetooth technology is a huge advantage because you do not have to go directly to the soundbar to adjust the sound. Instead, you can keep it at a comfortable distance when you connect via Bluetooth. However, if you do not have a Bluetooth device or do not want to use the battery life of your smartphone, you can use the supplied remote control.

In addition, you can play audio with an AUX cable if you do not have a Bluetooth device, which is a good alternative because you can connect other devices to the soundbar, such as a PC. Moreover, the soundbar is not too big and can sit comfortably under the TV without being noticed. The installation is also not too long, because the cables are easy to apply. The soundbar has no mount option, which for some people is out of stock if you do not have free space on a television counter. However, you can make a small shelf to place the soundbar, which is a great alternative.


  • Comes with additional subwoofer
  • Convenient remote control
  • The subwoofer produces excellent lower frequencies


  • No option to mount the soundbar onto a wall
  • Subwoofer takes up extra space
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Enjoy clear, pure sounds of up to 100 dB with less than 1% total harmonic distortion thanks to professionally designed speakers. The included wireless subwoofer improves the bass and can be placed anywhere because no cables are needed. In addition, the soundbar is extremely convenient to use because it has built-in buttons at the top, which can be used to activate functions such as Bluetooth. You can connect via Bluetooth to listen to music all day, wherever you are in the room. You can also adjust the volume, skip tracks and turn off the soundbar when needed, without worrying about walking to the soundbar and pressing the buttons.

The soundbar and subwoofer have a total range of 60 feet, which is great for a home speaker because you will rarely get out of range. In addition, the sound is amplified for better sound with DTS TrueVolume and DTS audio editing. If you forget to charge the subwoofer, the minor discomfort will not cause severe lightning. A good way to solve this problem is to leave the subwoofer connected in one place.


  • Wireless subwoofer
  • DTS TrueVolume technology makes the audio sound better
  • Quick to set up


  • If you forget to charge the subwoofer then you’ll be left out with thunderous bass
  • If connected incorrectly some harmonic distortion can be heard
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Yamaha YAS-107BL

The ultra-thin design of the Yamaha YAS-107BL soundbar with two built-in subwoofers and Bluetooth makes it portable and easy to install. The design is simple and black, that’s all you need from a soundbar speaker because you only have to concentrate on the sound. The sound is great because it has built-in subwoofers that produce excellent bass frequencies that make the sound of excellent quality. In addition, the tweeters are professionally tuned so that the vocals are beautiful so that you can play any type of music while enjoying A-quality.

In addition, Bluetooth is installed on the soundbar’s loudspeaker, which means that you can listen to the music of your choice from your smartphone. That’s why you do not have to go through the numbers inconveniently. Now you can simply go to your audio library and easily select a song. Unfortunately, you can not mount the Yamaha YAS-107BL soundbar because there is no mounting kit available. Because of its small size, it does not take up any space, which is not a problem to place it on the same counter as the TV.


  • Built-in high-quality subwoofer
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Fast and responsive Bluetooth technology


  • No mounting kit available
  • Accidental spills can damage the drivers easily


The Soundbars become more than anything else. Modern TVs are getting thinner, so the built-in speakers can limit you. That said, the Best Soundbars Under $200 are more than capable of drastically improving the quality of your TV experience. Models like the one we mentioned above have been balanced to get the best possible performance, but they just work. This often gives you more value at any time than the most expensive models available on the market.

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