Spark lights up Cat M1 IoT network

Spark, a New Zealand-based telecommunications provider, launched the LTE Cat M1 network on Monday at the 4G network.

The telecommunications company said the network is operating in the 700 MHz and 1800 MHz bands, will be deployed in the rest of the country over the next six months, eventually covering 95% of New Zealand's position.

Cat M1 is available for part of Auckland, Hamilton, Dunedin, Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington.

"M1 is a safe and high quality network, ideal when sensors and devices regularly transmit data and access it in real time," Michael Stribling of Spark Digital Services Manager Says.

Thanks to domestic coverage and high performance, "Automotive Telematics, Smart Meter, Smart Device" cooperates with customers on a wide range of use cases of M1.

Spark completed the test of the Cat M1 network last November and planned a commercial launch of the network in the beginning of 2018.

Last July, operators announced the construction of a low-power, long-distance LoRa IoT network using unlicensed frequencies and using separate gateways with 4G and M1 networks.

In February, the telephone company announced that it will start LoRa in March.

In recent years, many carriers around the world have entrusted Cat M1 network.

Australian telecommunications operator Telstra entrusted Cat M1 network last August.

Singtel announced in March that it began Cat I-1 and IoT narrowband network in Singapore.

A month later, SK Telecom entrusted the M1 network and in August released a $ 60 smart tag to track objects such as children and pets.

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