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Regional accents are one reason why they are so important

When Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an elusive age strikes the west, it will present English voices for certain scenes. And now, Hokuto Okamoto of Square Enix has confirmed exactly which scenes will have them.

Okamoto claims that all cinematics, cinematics, and battle scenes will feature English voices. In addition, some scenes from the "party dialogue" will be added to the voice.

Regarding the lack of voice in the Japanese version, Okamoto cites a lack of time. The team is rather focused on developing the script and the game script. By the time the deadline was reached, they did not have time to record the voice . But with the release of the West, the script was finished early and gave more time to this facet of development.

Okamoto also points out that the world of Dragon Quest XI is a vast continent, each region having a unique regional flavor. The addition of voice has given the team the opportunity to continue to distinguish these flavors by creating different accents. This adds depth and context to every player visit, which is one of the main reasons the team wanted to add dubbing.

A previous statement from Okamoto in March confirms this reasoning. Here is an excerpt:

"The storyline of the game is one of the most epic stories in the series, and we spent a lot of time locating the game for the purpose of …

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