Stagnating hurricanes such as Florence will become more common across Carolinas

Hurricane · Florence East Coast USA 7: 15 ET This morning he skipped squats near Wilmington, North Carolina. According to the National Hurricane Center, the hurricane is now downgraded to a tropical cyclone, traversing the area, heavy rain and heading west to the glacier. This means that it will rain against intense soils as it continues to rain. This, together with the rapid increase of the storm, causes a fatal flood. At least two people have died so far Vox.

On Friday morning, NHC director Ken Graham at Facebook briefing says, "Please see how slow this system is (when Graham speaks of the speed of storms he talks about moving pace, not the speed of the wind) "Before everything ended, traces of water and floods will remain.

I saw a pace similar to Hurricane Harvey who threw away more than 5 feet of water in the southeastern state of Texas, 68 people died and caused the damage to make it more expensive than Katrina. Therefore, the delay in Florence was reported to Kendra Pierre-Louis, meaning more danger for those on the way to the storm New York Times Brian Rethnik Vox.

"Everything that comes with a hurricane lasts long," says James Kossin, an atmospheric scientist at the Atlantic Oceanic Atmosphere Administration. This is because salt water is a steep wave of storm, freshwater

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Stagnating hurricanes such as Florence will become more common across Carolinas

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