Star Wars was explained by a person (anxious) who never saw it

Star Wars was released in 1977. Perla Shaheen who was the editor in CNET was born more than 20 years later. Until now, she has never seen a movie.

When becoming pop culture, your relationships with Star Wars can define you better or worse. Some fans like it, some who dislikes it, others who have never seen it. Former CNET Pera Shaheen It falls into the last category.

But Star Wars is very universal in our society and even members of Generation Z who avoided Star Wars more or less, his life knows much about movies and around the world a lot .

"I tell you a dirty little secret: I have never seen a Star Wars," she told us in the newsroom. "I was born about 20 years after the first release of the Star Wars movie"

Is this what you really know of people who have not seen "Star Wars" immediately?

In many cases, it is

Perla was kind enough to make her doubt about her incredible exact answer to something like Darth Vader and Star Wars about Han Solo and Jar Jar Binks about the terrible and cheerful reaction.

"That tall hairy creature, I do not know his name," Perla said. "A small green man wrinkled with a huge ears, I thought he was in the Lord of the Ring.

Please note that CNET has not hired anyone who has never seen Star Wars explain it before. We are not the last one either.


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Star Wars was explained by a person (anxious) who never saw it

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