Sunlit, HomeCourt, SynthDrum Kick, and other amazing apps of the week

This week, I play spin hoop (or what the kids call) using the bass drum synthesizer, Selight's self lease, and HomeCourt.


Like Sunlit, Instagram.

If you are considering replacing the Instagram, see the new version of Sunlit in the photo application based on In version 2.2, a new time series view functioning like Instagram has been added. Any photo hosted on your website can follow a photo blog from someone in the app.


download: Sunlight on the App Store (iOS)

SynthDrum kick

SynthDrum Kick is an audio application of drum unit. Upload it to your favorite music application (GarageBand, AUM etc) and create impressive drum sound. Instead of relying on sles, you can change your synth and create your own sound. Since it is AU, you can load as many instances as you want to create a complete kit.

price: $ 5.99

download: SynthDrum kick on the App Store (iOS)

Payment deadline 3

Cause 3 is better in dark mode.
Photo: DueApp

It was the only way to set reminders on the iPhone for a long time since it had expired. Now, it has been updated to v3.0, and several new functions have been added. You now get a black theme, a personalized reminder link and haptic feedback. Existing users can upgrade black theme and custom snooze with $ 2.99

price: $ 4.99

download: Due to the App Store (iOS)


Home court
Analyze it.

In the keynote of the iPhone this week, Apple introduced a wonderful HomeCourt and an application that can simply track all basketball shots with a camera. He uses AI to find coats, hoops, players and follows the trajectory of the ball as it fly. Just by placing it on a tripod next to the field, you can track and analyze the game using "thorough analysis of statistics".

price: Free with integrated purchase

download: Home Store App Store (iOS)

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Hope you like the news Sunlit, HomeCourt, SynthDrum Kick, and other amazing apps of the week. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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