Supreme Court ruling on Apple App Store fee case not expected until mid-2019

Benjamin Schachter of Macquarie Research said that the Supreme Court ruling in the long-term trial on the App Store developer fee will be announced shortly, but the decision is not expected to be postponed until 2019.

Analysts will look at one of the cases the court will consider in the autumn, as the world turns to Washington's audition of US Supreme Court Brett Cabanole on Thursday.

According to Schachter's report, the US Supreme Court, Apple v. PepperThe case on the impact of the antitrust law of Apple 's App Store fee is as early as the last week of November. However, analysts point out that this discussion could be postponed to the beginning of 2019.

"In the scenario where Pepper wins (if the court judges that there is a reason to cause a lawsuit with a" direct buyer "), that judgment will continue at the lower court." If Apple wins, we believe that similar actions will be taken for developers, not for consumers, and we believe that in both cases we pay more attention to the economics and analysis of the App Store. The Supreme Court has no direct impact on the model. "

The notes indicate that if decisions result in a lower fee, it indicates that it could hurt Apple's performance, but this is a few steps. Macquarie has not adjusted Apple's price target to $ 235.

The decision is likely to arrive in the spring or summer of 2019.

Pepper's case was first submitted in 2011. This case relates to a group of application developers who believe that the Apple App Store pricing structure is in violation of antitrust law. Plaintiffs allege that Apple is conducting anti-competitive actions by reducing promotional sales. The question is whether companies like Apple could be prosecuted under the App Store antitrust law. Plaintiffs may be subject to triple damages for the act. Google, which owns its own version of the App Store, is also interested in any decisions.

In May, the Ministry of Justice submitted a vote in favor of Apple pepper If. Apple appealed to the Supreme Court after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals supported the plaintiff, and the court agreed to review the next sentence in June.

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