Swipe virtual relationships to the right –

There is an episode In the last season of the original Hulu series casualThe main character, Alex is trying so far with virtual reality. He will soon meet a lady, cause a big frustration of adrenaline, she just notices that she does not care about her credit card information.

The season was held around 2021 or 2022, and technological progress made it possible to specify age that is accepted virtual and socially. We are not there yet. As writers come to think, it will not be there soon, but the time has come to imagine and plan the future where there is a relationship from virtual reality at all.

Bryony Cole was an entrepreneur and a proponent of Sextech and built a career based on the idea that a complete pivot of virtual reality occurs in our lifetime.

She is the CEO of Future of Sex, a podcast company that has become media and sexteac accelerator. The future of sex has just released its first report on virtual intimacy and is planning to produce content on other topics at the intersection of technology and sex.

Today, most people are more interested in Magic Leap 's new Angry Birds VR game than the way VR is useful.There are lots of interesting stories about how technologies such as Teledildoc (toys connected to the Internet) change intimacy in this report.

This report has a startup class that believes that applications and devices can improve human experience. No, they insist on not claiming to bring your smartphone into the room, but that customizable technology can create a new way to increase senses and explore.

Excel's Kissenger has a mobile app that can exchange kisses on the Internet. Fleshlight and Lovense sell vibrators connected to Bluetooth. CamasutraVR is broadcasting virtual version of actual porn star.

VR is the future of couple therapy

Call said VR is at the forefront of the industry …

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Swipe virtual relationships to the right -

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