Teenager who hacked Apple’s servers gets 8 months’ probation

An Australian teenager who hacked Apple's server and downloaded confidential data was sentenced instead of imprisonment.

The ruling was announced on Thursday. Teenagers who hacked between June 2015 and April 2017 could not be named because her little unidentified identity was protected by Australian law. When the first piracy incident occurred it was 16 years old.

The magistrate of a teenager said, "Your crime is serious." "He was born and sophisticated, and the attack against the security of a major multinational corporation was successful."

No beliefs are recorded for teenagers. They committed two charges and received an 8-month probation order.

Hacky Hack Hack

Teenager downloaded a 90 GB secure file from Apple. This information was discovered when it was attacked at a family house in Melbourne. It was saved in a computer file called "Hacky hack hack". Teenager said that he was a big fan of the company, he chose Apple as a company to hack.

This incident became apparent after Apple discovered hacking and leaked the details to the FBI, and the FBI shared it with Australian authorities.

The court was told that hackers used the fully functional security keys to access Apple information. Apple did not reveal the stolen data accurately, even if he claimed that the customer's personal information was not infringed.

Source: Bloomberg

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