Telstra and Optus call for clarity in anti-encryption laws

Australia's two major telecommunications companies Telstra and Optus asked the government to create an effective consultation process any time when seeking assistance under the new encryption prevention law proposed by the country.

Together, the two communications, Bill 2018 on aid and accessThis is currently hurrying through Congress.

This measure proposes three ways of requesting or requesting assistance when the government accesses communications from "designated telecommunications carriers". These can be virtually any type of individual, organization or individual that manufactures, provides or provides all kinds of communication equipment or services, and even "information services".

  • Although the request of technical assistance (TA) is described as being optional, it is the least burdensome.
  • Technical aid (TA) notification, which is a mandatory notification for communication aid agencies to use the interception ability. And
  • Notification of Technical Capacity (TC), a mandatory notice for communication providers to create new intercept functions. This allows you to respond to subsequent technical assistance notifications.

Both types of notifications can be issued only if they are "reasonably and proportionally feasible and technically feasible", but the bill provides consultation procedures on TC notifications.

"Because decision makers need to obtain information from designated carriers (DCPs) on these issues, we believe that we need to designate a consultation process for technical assistance notifications" "Designated period" must be reasonable and the obligation to consult must explicitly grant to extend the consultation period, "Telstra wrote briefly. [PDF].

"When defining timeframes, decision makers use DCP's standard development and publication cycles, the availability of relevant technical and technical resources, the impact on other planned services and network updates, demanding Time required for implementation, integration and regression, etc.

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Telstra explicitly states that the new law can not be used to access the content of the communication.

" [original] Explanatory material [PDF] Several nations …

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