Tesla Semi Truck – Elon Musk Prepares The Presentation Of His First Truck

Tesla has so far produced only four electric car fashions, every dedicated to a particular market segment. We’ve Tesla Model S sports car roadster, a premium model, as an alternative to BMW or Audi limousines, Tesla Model X for SUV fans and Tesla Model 3, its first “mainstream” car. The next step isn’t a small city car, as many would expect, but a much larger vehicle: a fully electrical truck: Tesla Semi.

Elon Musk mentioned Tesla’s plans to develop a truck since last year, but now these ideas are coming true. Elon announced on his Twitter account that the first Tesla truck would be introduced and demonstrated in operation on October 26th, with the event going to be held in Hawthorne, California.

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tesla semi truck

According to Musk’s statements in the past, Tesla Semi Truck will reduce transport costs for companies (electricity being much cheaper than fossil fuel), while safety will be improved and driving experience will be more “fun.” Perhaps, Tesla Semi Truck will still be a car equipped with the standalone device I have met in the past on the Tesla S, X and three models, but perhaps it’ll be standard, not a separate option.

Other details about Tesla Semi aren’t recognized presently, but Model 3’s manufacturing seems to have affected the original truck plans. Musk hopes last year to be able to present Semi in September this year, with the event being moved to the end of October.

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