Testing the speed of iOS 11 versus iOS 12 on the iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 2

Apple starts at twice the speed of older devices, it raises discussion on improving the speed of iOS 12 on older devices such as raising processor speed not only for older devices but also for recent ones It is. AppleInsider puts claims on tests.

If your device supports iOS 11, this means that you can run iOS 12. In other words, when the terminal such as iPhone 5 or iPad mini 2 returns to September 2013, it is ready.

We also sent Apple 's flagship iPhone X to one iOS 12 runner on iOS 11, so I wanted to know what improvements would be made to the old device for this.

In our iPhone test we used the oldest tablet compatible with iPhone 6 and iOS 12, iPad Mini 2. The iPad Mini 2 uses the same A7 processor as the iPhone. It supports iPhone 5 and offers similarities of performance.

From full stop, iOS 12 will boot about 2 seconds earlier on iPad mini 2 than iOS 11. Moving to the home screen is more fluid and responsive.

Last year iOS 11 could hardly bear with constant slowdown and deceleration. When you open the camera application, the startup speed is similar between the two operating systems.

We launched Geekbench 4 and the processor tests ended with similar scores on iOS 11.4 and 1293 single core, 2203 multicore, iOS 12 1295 single core and 2179 multicore.

The graphics processor benchmark slightly exceeded 591 for iOS 12 and 588 for iOS 11.4. iPhone X for iOS 12 is 17,198, which is 20% faster than iOS 11.4 14,314.

We tested three games that started with "Angry Birds 2": 19 seconds for iOS 11.4, 31 seconds for iOS 11.4, then "Pokemon Go" will appear and start using one of the operating systems It took 39 seconds. Asphalt 8 was the last game we tested and took 32 seconds on both versions of iOS.

At the time, we began to notice the trend of launching the application immediately on iOS 12. Once you click on the application using iOS 11.4 it will start up. This may be the result of processor acceleration mentioned by Craig Federighi in the presentation.

We are transferring this to the native news application again, but iOS 12 is more sensitive, but, oddly, it takes 8 seconds in 12 seconds to read the fastest news on iOS 11.

The following 5 applications, iBook, book, Uprinders Apps, Amazon Prime Video, Google Drive, YouTube are all released on iOS about 2 seconds earlier …

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