The best of Bose portable speakers

Portable speakers have become the go-to form of an audio playback device for most consumers. Despite their compact size and portable nature, these speakers maintain solid quality and loud volumes, which is why they have become the most popular form of the speaker. Towards the top end of the price range, you get superb sound quality along ever frequency of audio which is loud enough to fill a part. One of the best Bluetooth speaker brands is without a doubt Bose, whos SoundLink Revolve + is considered to be the best mainstream portable speaker you can buy.

Bose has a considerable stake in the mid to high-end range of the portable speaker market because it effectively delivers some of the best sound quality. Whilst other features such as waterproofing, ruggedness, 360 degrees sound and size do matter, at the end of the day you are buying a speaker for its audio playback. This is why getting the brands who offer the best playback is so important. Here we will explore the Best of Bose products and outline the features which make them so good.

SoundLink Revolve +

Arguably the best you can get now, the SoundLink Revolve + is a top end offering by Bose that has so much to offer. Firstly and most importantly, the sound quality is on point in every frequency range. The highs and mids have the clarity and clearness you need, whilst the bass has the oomph yet tight feel that prevents it from sounding muddy. No other portable speaker in this price range reaches the quality of the SoundLink Revolve +. It also reaches a high maximal output of decibels, certainly enough to have a party with. Although there are some other speakers which are of the same size or smaller that can go louder, this volume is more than enough for most people’s needs. The device is rounded to host 360 degrees sound to reach a relatively greater area, and there is a handle to make its portability easier.

It has an IPX4 water rating meaning it can take some sashes and rain but is certainly not suitable for the pool like other brands such as Ultimate Ears are. Battery life at a moderate volume should reach 16 hours and there is also an aux input option too. It is the premium offering from Bose, so it can typically be sold for up to $300. This is more expensive than many other options, but every cent is worth it.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

This is the little brother of the Revolve + but priced at around $200 instead. The shape and design are very similar, although slightly smaller and without the handle. The same style and shape again accommodate the 360 degrees sound feature. It also shares the IPX4 waterproof rating that the Revolve has.

When we get down to the business of audio quality, the Revolve does not have any real weakness. The maximum volume and overall quality is certainly not as good as the Revolve + but is certainly at a very good standard. Overall, the SoundLink Revolve is certainly one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the mid-high end price range, if not the best.

Bose SoundLink Color II

Slightly lower down in price again is the Bose Soundlink Color II. At a glance, you can see the immediate difference is the shape, which does not accommodate 360 degrees sound. It does share some similarities such as a matte color scheme and IPX4 rating. The sound quality is good, again with no real faults in any of the frequencies. When you get to the top tier of speakers, even in the mid-price range like the SoundLink Color II, the audio does not have any real weakness, it’s just that the more expensive and better models are excellent and louder.

Bose SoundLink Micro

This is a mid-range Bluetooth speaker by Bose which is incredibly compact and very portable as a result. Despite being cheaper, it even has a higher IPX7 rating compared to the senior models. The key differences are, unsurprisingly, the audio quality, volume and battery life. The audio quality is pretty decent but undoubtedly lacks the power and pristine condition that the more expensive options have and the bass is much weaker too The battery life is just 6 hours which is a bit too short for a day out. This is a good speaker if you are going on a short excursion or perhaps even in the shower due to its high level of waterproofing.

As you can see from the list, Bose portable speakers are catered for the mid to high price range in the market. They don’t tend to offer super budget versions that the likes of Anker do with its Soundcore range. When you go with Bose you know you are getting one of the best portable speakers on the market, especially if you go with the SoundLink Revolve options.

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