The BMW X3 M and X4 M prototypes are covered by the Nürburgring

From where we can see under this camouflage, X 3 M and X 4 M are sufficiently aggressive to know its existence. The exhaust sound should not be hurt.

Last year, Mercedes · Benz was suitable for compact twin turbo V 8 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63. BMW, of course, regarded it as blowing it out through his bow, with double retaliation strike in mind.

Monday 's BMW slightly disguised the prototype version of the X3 M and X 4 M SUVs. The car debut at the DTM race on the Nurburgring last weekend will debut without camouflage. But, for now, think of this as a warning that these are happening, and perhaps angry.

German car makers do not release specifications, but you can see that they have a turbocharger I6 gas engine designed for high speed rotation. Mercedes-AMG GLC 63, the main competitor of SUV, displays 469 to 503 horses according to the version. It can be assumed that X 3 M and X 4 M have similar (or better) outputs to GLC 63.

It is easy to see some elements of the BMW M design through camouflage. At the front there is a new bumper with a large inlet, the rear has space for 4 outlets. Both of them should work owing to M adjusted all wheel drive system and M specific rear differential. The main difference factor between X3 M and X4 M is probably cargo space, which is slightly sacrificed to the name of the style of the X4 variant.

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The BMW X3 M and X4 M prototypes are covered by the Nürburgring

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