The cool new AR measuring app Apple released in iOS 12 has some issues with accuracy

A large Apple iOS 12 update was released earlier this week. It really breathes fresh air in many ways. The previous generation of iOS 11 software had become a big mess since it was released last autumn. As it was packed with bugs, some serious security flaws had to be found and fixed, and serious RAM management issues hurt the performance of devices running iOS 11. R. Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 are regularly exhibited by Android's flagship products on an unprecedented speed test.

Fortunately, today is behind us. iOS 12 did not include many new features as we saw in previous releases. Instead, Apple concentrated its efforts on improving performance and bugfixes. These efforts were certainly not in vain, and users updating the iPhone certainly will find a big difference in speed and autonomy. There is still an exciting new feature, but in a recent article I explained this. About exle, I introduced five new features of the iOS 12 iPhone and ten superior hidden features that everyone should discover. However, there is another new feature of iOS 12, one of the coolest things Apple added to new software. At least, in fact it is possible if it works. .

Via loop, Called a blog Kirkville Apple made some tests with the new apps included in iOS 12. The idea of ​​the app was truly amazing, iOS 12 was a beta, but we were playing with a lot of fun. As we assume in some way that it is not very accurate, I never actually tested other means of action. In fact, this hypothesis was perfect.

Anyway, what is the measure? Apple makes major changes to iOS 12 and introduces many new augmented and realistic features. In order to present AR to iPhone and iPad, we created Measure application. In summary, Measure can measure the length of an object in the AR. The only problem is, Kirkville A measure for providing you with unreliable stress accurate measurements.

Discover these two images Kirkville :

The image above shows two different measurements of the same object, but the Apple Measurement application gives different results every time. We tested the countermeasure …


Hope you like the news The cool new AR measuring app Apple released in iOS 12 has some issues with accuracy. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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