The Dragon Prince of Netflix is ​​best affected by the influence of Avatar: The Last Airbender

It has been nearly ten years since the last race. Avatar: The last master of the air Since it was broadcast on television, since the other programs did not have exactly the same itch. Despite being designed as a child's cartoon, Avatar Complex characters, world-class buildings and multifaceted attractions are mixed. However, Netflix may be trying to change it.

Dragon Prince"Wonderstorm" released on Netflix on Friday, September 14 is a new TV company operated by a veteran of the game, league of legends And Not investigated. Co-author The last master of air Chief writer Aaron Ehasz, this computer animation show can not be denied Avatar Impact: Dragon Prince It is divided into "books" corresponding to magical elements Avatar There are many actions like Avatar And there are many strange magical animals. Avatar One of the protagonists was spoken by Jacques De Sena, AvatarSokka, all the lines of his mouth are memories of his previous show. More importantly, the creation of a new show's myth is clever. Dragon Prince Provide viewers with a rich and suggestive world that can happen outside the box.

Wonderstorm takes us to the world of Xadia where nature has created the six major magical sources of the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the sky, the sea. A thousand years ago, humans created black magic, a new element that cultivates the essence of magical creatures. The black magic is powerful, but the nature of the parasitic surprised the elves and dragons of the land that pushed man to the west of the continent. A powerful Dragon King once watched to protect the boundary between the magical land and the human kingdom, but human beings eventually killed him and the successor of the dragon. It's here Dragon Prince Begin: The tension between factions is high, the world is in danger …

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The Dragon Prince of Netflix is ​​best affected by the influence of Avatar: The Last Airbender

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