The Guy Who Named the iMac Says iPhone Naming Sucks

Ken Segall who came up with the name of the iMac says that Apple completely dispelled the lack of naming conventions and conventions of the iPhone. He says it is confused, mix Roman numerals and letters and let these letters as free as possible. He says on his blog

Last year's model set new standards for complexity. We had 8, 8 plus, X and SE. It is a gap of two digits, Roman numerals, a pair of letters, and a strange number between 8 and 10. Alternatively, Apple's terminology is between 8 and X.

Now there are Roman numerals and letters, and the situation is likely to worsen next year on iPhone X2. He added, "After one year, the holy grail of the product name will be within reach of Apple's hands." iPhone X2S is a collection of Roman numerals, numbers, letters in one name.

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