The Impact Of Coffee On Productivity

A majority of us like to start our day with coffee because it helps us feel fresh and ready. However, there’s more to drinking coffee. Drinking coffee on a daily basis can help boost productivity, mental activity, promote self-control, enhance willpower, boost alertness, and help you learn things at a faster pace.

Some people might think that drinking coffee is bad for health. It is – but only when you drink it in excess and at the wrong time. However, the pros of drinking coffee far outweigh the cons.

According to this study, drinking coffee:

  • Reduces the risk of different types of cancers by up to 20%
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease by up to 30%.
  • Reduces the risk of developing heart diseases by up to 5%

This is because coffee is loaded with antioxidants that help repair your DNA, reduce inflammation, regulate insulin, improve the action of enzymes etc. This is why companies like Starbucks and AFPKG are working hard on ensuring good coffee reaches everyone.

Let’s get to know how coffee leaves an impact on our productivity:

  1. Boosts Mental Power

Adenosine is a compound found in our brain that promotes drowsiness. Drinking coffee helps in blocking this compound which is why we feel less tired when we consume coffee.

However, this doesn’t mean that one should consume coffee in excess because doing so can cause more harm than good.

There is 40mg of caffeine in 100 grams of coffee. According to health experts, the amount of coffee to be consumed is 400 grams or less on a daily basis.   Therefore, one must not overdrink it.

When you drink coffee in the right amount, it can help enhance your memory, cognitive function, and energy. Hence, coffee is a beneficial drink if you want to boost your mental productivity.

  1.  Faster Learning And Improved Memory

Studies have shown that consuming 200 mg of caffeine in a day can help you memorize phrases and words while you are reading something. This is a huge benefit for entrepreneurs, especially when they are about to address in a meeting or give a presentation. Drinking a cup of coffee before reading any material can help you memorize it faster.

Apart from that, many entrepreneurs have also stated that drinking coffee helps them come up with new ideas and aids them in making decisions. There are many entrepreneurs who prefer coffee before researching anything on the web such as videos or podcast. It helps them pick out ideas much faster.

  1. Boosts Self Control And Willpower

This might sound crazy but coffee does enhance your willpower and puts you in control. When you are an authoritative person and making big decisions is a part of your job then finding the willpower to make some hard choices can be a bit daunting.

Coffee can help enhance your willpower and allow you to execute decisions with confidence According to studies, it can help you gain self-control and let you think properly.

  1. It Might Minimize Desk Worker’s Pain

Sitting straight for several hours not only makes you tired and drowsy but can also trigger pain in different parts of the body. Surprisingly, there are studies conducted on this problem and some of them say that drinking coffee can actually act as a pain moderator.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute Of Health, drinking a cup of coffee before starting any pain-inducing activity such as typing on a computer for 6-7 hours straight can help reduce the pain.

  1. Enhances Mood And Social Interaction

A study published by The Harvard School Of Public Health say that consuming coffee can boost serotonin levels. It’s a chemical that helps in uplifting a person’s mood.

Being happy is strongly associated with productivity. Several studies have concluded that depression can affect the level of productivity of an employee drastically. Therefore, a cup of coffee at work can help boost your mood and enhance your mood.

Are There Any Drawbacks Of Drinking Coffee?

Coffee is associated with sleeplessness, increased blood pressure, and weight gain. However, these problems surface only when you go overboard with coffee consumption.

Nutrition experts say that it isn’t good to consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day. So, counting your cups of coffee is important. One cup holds around 95 mg of caffeine. Therefore, limiting it to 3-4 cups won’t damage your health.

The Bottomline

Coffee is said to enhance productivity in employees and bring improvement in a plethora of areas such as mentality, thinking power, etc. Therefore, a cup of coffee every day at work can do wonders for you.

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