The innovative RED Hydrogen phone is delayed even more

It's not particularly interesting in the smartphone world over the past 12 months. "Notch" is a standard function in most devices, but this year we have weakened the feeling of the full screen device, but this year's mobile phone is constantly focusing on sophistication. iPhone XS and XS Max are definitely wonderful, but this is an evolutionary upgrade of iPhone X. Of course, there are some interesting things like the long-awaited Samsung's folding smartphone in the pipeline, but we have to wait until next time This is coming out of the laboratory into the real world as early as the year is.

One of the few positive things was the Red Hydrogen mobile phone. This was something I did not get from anywhere with the support of a legendary camera company to attract our attention. Last year, this phone was announced, but the release date could be seen by a series of delays associated with the holographic display of the signature of the device. Leakage from the FCC at the beginning of the year suggested arrival at the end of summer, but it is not so.

In the forum "I do not want to", RED's Jim Jannard says that this is a "disaster" and that publication will take place. "The first round of Ti is a disaster and everything fails," Jannard wrote. I could tell you how difficult Ti is, but ODM and suppliers have assured me that I am enough for advance booking.

RED is committed to producing both Titanium and Aluminum versions of RED Hydrogen and plans to provide it for free to those who ordered the aluminum version as soon as the titanium version is delivered. These people will also receive a titanium version if necessary. In other words, I have a free phone to compensate for this delay.

Manufacturing difficulties are delicate and people who booked the phone over a year ago are dissatisfied with the delay. However, the RED team must be frank about the delay and must strive to fulfill the right thing.

RED is a company that manufactures the legendary high resolution camera system for professional video photographers of tens of thousands of dollars. I have seen that the camera brand naming phone manufacturers so far, but here it is not. Instead, RED puts its own holographic screen in the case of titanium.

On the positive side, this means that it is not Xiaomi Mi. The lens of the camera is big, the price tag has doubled. When it declines, …


Hope you like the news The innovative RED Hydrogen phone is delayed even more. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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