The iPhone XS and XS Max might have a problem with poor cell reception

According to information from the Internet, some users of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max feel that reception at the new device is worse than previous mobile phones. At first glance, iPhone XS and XS Max have LTE-Advanced technology, so you need to make mobile phone connections much faster and slower.

The Apple Support Forum and Reddit's report point out complicated problems even if not everyone sees it. It is also not a constant bug that can make the problem more difficult. The only thing that is consistent is that reception on a cellular network or Wi-Fi is worse than an older model iPhone such as iPhone X or iPhone 8.

"XS Max T-Mobile. My speed of 35 to 50% is seen compared to my pixel 2 and even SE.The service at my house is usually 50 to 60. However, Nothing happens, "I wrote a user to Reddit. Last week I had an iPhone X before upgrading Xs Max, but I found that the speed of T – Mobile 's WiFi and the data had declined greatly. apple. "I received / signaled at the place where there was no problem with iPhone X, I abandoned the signal now.

The fact that users have problems with Wi-Fi or mobile phones may indicate that the problem is the iPhone's antenna or firmware that controls them. In addition to this theory, Wave length I will use the iPhone XS FCC test data. This shows that the new iPhone has lower radio power than the old iPhone and most other mobile phones in the market. The low RF output is theoretically not the speed of the received data, but only the transmission from the device, but the low frequency may indicate a major problem with the iPhone XS antenna.

In other tests this is unsatisfactory as other tests have shown that iPhone XS has much faster LTE speed than iPhone X's speed when used on the appropriate cellular network It is a problem. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will support 4 x 4 MIMO and LAA, two LTE-Advanced technologies that make the connection much faster and make the network more efficient. However, the use of these technologies is mainly based on sufficient cell signals, which seems to be missing from the new iPhone.

Apple has not issued a statement on this matter yet.


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