The iPhone's headset dongle is the best Apple's best accessory

Apple says that Apple is manufacturing many popular items that people want to buy, such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks. However, if Best Buy 's sales data is up, it does not seem to be popular like at least Lightning Port Dongle 3.5 mm headphone jack. Celos (via 9to 5Mac).

As the chart shows, the modest $ 9 dongle dominated Apple's best purchased blue and yellow electronics stores since the second quarter of 2017, which surpasses the previous champion. Lightning cable 3 feet long.

(As a warning, CelosThis data does not include iPhones that can be explained by Best Buy buying different SKUs or by saying that Best Buy does not sell many iPhones, but in both cases it is the most popular accessory ).

Some people say that the dongle does not dominate the ranking as Apple now either bothers removing the standard industrial port from the peripheral or the adapter can easily be lost or damaged I will. But I say that these people are only looking for their favorite accessories dropped on the ground like lighting or EarPod wired headphones, yet they have not realized the courageous elegance that the dongle can carry.

Unfortunately, in the last quarter, a powerful headphone jack dongle was quickly beaten by another Apple product AirPods. So …

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The iPhone's headset dongle is the best Apple's best accessory

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