The new Gmail design offers a 'confidential mode' to keep private emails – BGR

The Gmail web client is expected to receive one of its largest revisions over the next few weeks, but Google has not yet publicly announced the update. But that did not stop The Verge from sharing details about the new design all week, including a new report today covering an interesting feature called "confidential mode."

In addition to smart answers, a new web version of Gmail will also include a confidential mode that will allow users to prevent recipients from sending an email that you send them or to prevent them from copy, download or print the content of the email.

Google will also allow Gmail users to require an SMS secret code to open an e-mail and even set an expiration date on the e-mails they send. All of these features will allow Gmail users to have more control over who sees their emails and how the content of those emails is distributed. Of course, this does not prevent anyone from copying and pasting text or capturing a screen capture, but it is an effective way to warn a recipient of the sensitive nature of the screen. ;an email.

Image Source: The Verge

Google has confirmed the existence of the redesign of the design in a statement to The Verge saying that he "is working on some major updates to Gmail". still in the draft phase). "And although the new Gmail will not be ready for at least a few weeks, it looks like there are a lot of new features to excite …

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