The new leak suggests that Apple's new iPhone will support two SIM cards

According to the picture posted on China Mobile 's Facebook Page on September 6, the new iPhone Apple will announce on Wednesday could have a dual sim card. Dual SIM card tray leaks have already been confirmed on new Apple devices, but messages from company social media accounts look more like a legitimate endorsement. GSMArena.

The picture is an illustration of an apple (fruit) containing two SIM cards. The biggest text at the top is "New Apple with dual SIM? Small text around apples shows the benefits of using two SIM cards, such as network usage and data.

Image: China Mobile

In addition to irony illustrations, there are also advertisements that China Telecom shows two new SIM cards and a new iPhone containing text. "The new iPhone will be on sale soon, Dual SIM card support, I have been waiting for you. As shown in the advertisement, in the previous double-sided SIM card iPhone leak, another model and inaccurate There is a possibility of seeing leaks.

These differences in the disclosed image mean that there is a possibility that some of these leaks may be incorrect, even if legitimate carriers appear to mute new information . Nevertheless, there is other evidence to support the theory of dual SIM on the iPhone. The Stray iOS 12 beta code refers to support for two SIM cards, and also support for the second physical SIM tray. In July rumor, iPhone X Plus which supports 6.5 inch OLED display and dual SIM is proposed.

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The new leak suggests that Apple's new iPhone will support two SIM cards

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