The oldest drawing, 73,000 years old, looks like a hashtag

And you thought that Mona Lisa is old.

Researchers say that a picture first known for fragments of stones in South Africa was found. A simple hatch pattern dates back to 73,000 in the Middle Ages, 30,000 years older than the most abstract design known from the oldest.

This picture in a cave 300 km east of Cape Town east is carved with red ocher pigment. The stone canvas measured only 1.6 inches (4 centimeters) and should have belonged to a larger grindstone. That is, only part of the original drawing is displayed.

Outside the cave in Blombos, a design known as L13 was dug.

Since 1991 archaeologists have looked for the cave in Blombos, found a loess engraved with bone punches, spear points, shell beads, geometric patterns.

Silicon flakes 73 thousand years ago with the title of L 13 are not so precious, but were excavated in 2011. However, a team of international researchers discovered by Christopher Hensilwood, their research is published in Nature magazine.

The team studied nine red wires on the flakes using advanced microscope and laser using techniques. they…

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The oldest drawing, 73,000 years old, looks like a hashtag

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