The other problem with Apple#039;s content restrictions — creative freedom

For the majority of last year, Apple's next invasion of TV content has been done in a sense. The company spends billions of dollars on trading with celebrities and gives green light to dozens of shows, but I do not know exactly when Apple 's TV efforts will begin. The company initially entered the acquisition of feature films.

There was a lot of brainstorming on whether high-tech companies could win Hollywood in their own games, but overall, Apple was regarded as a major player in television.

However, Apple's plan has experienced a bad news of media coverage following weekend publications Wall Street newspaper "No Sex Please, we are Apple: iPhone Giant is looking for the success of TV on its own terms" According to a book quoted producer and agent, Apple describes "free sexual intercourse, blasphemy and violence" It imitates the program to do, and "religious and political themes" are also listed on a non-list.

According to this report, the key to Apple is to maintain the image of the family and avoid the controversy that may hurt the core business.

Forgotten Dre

That newspaper Beginning with anecdote about Apple CEO Tim Cook a year ago, looking at the episode of "Vital signs", it says "a story of half a century of darkness". Hip hop artist Doctor Dre (Dr. Dre) showed such things as "shows a rough sexual intercourse with characters making cocaine lines, apartments and guns" and so on I could not do that, I brought up a show. "It never arrived, but his exact fate remained a mystery till this week, but it was announced in 2016.

If the anecdotes were true, Apple did not think that it was Dr Dre's "semi-autobiographical account". In particular, Cook and Apple made due diligence in 2014 when they purchased Beats from Dre. . Early in 2016, it was reported that "vital signs" were not considered the beginning of entry into the Apple industry but were considered as a promotional medium for Apple Music. tv set.

At Apple's show …

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