The QP1R DAP By Questyle review

Questyle Audio designs and manufactures have their excessive constancy audio gear entirely in-house. If they only made blenders and washing machines, then they’d be featured throughout the magazine Spin Cycle and never here on Enjoy the The Questyle Audio family which is a part of Questyle Audio Technology Co. Ltd location in China and Questyle North America and, USA. All merchandise are gathered at Foxconn, the same huge manufacturer in the China that makes your Apple devices and too many others to list here. Simply heard that Foxconn is in search of to construct a large production plant in India to increase their extensive China footprint, but that information might be more useful to those into investing slightly than the audiophile goodies.

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Questyle designs, engineers and oversees the construction of high-resolution audio players together with them for house use, battery powered of portable audio devices (DAP), headphone amplifiers, with wireless units, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and so forth. They continue with the goal which is supported by reaching top quality sound mixed with product reliability and excellent customer support. Worldwide distribution performs an essential part to Questyle’s continuing progress. Regarding note is that Questyle Audio holds eight patents, together with the global PCT patent on Present Mode Amplification and 5GHz lossless high-resolution wi-fi audio transmission.

Design & Build

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Questyle have gone to extraordinary lengths with the design of their product and it certainly shows. Encased in a CNC-machined aluminum body, the QP1R sports space gray anodized end, or a champagne-gold, complete with Gorilla Glass merged into the anterior including dorsal of the device.In the beginning, the QP1R supports a 43 by 39mm color screen amidst an all-black finish. Whereas not the biggest of screens, Questyle have allowed users to enhance legibility by increasing the font size in their latest 1.0.6 firmware launch. Additional down, users are greeted with the navigation wheel inspired by a ‘spinning CD’ as CEO Jason Wang described it. Adjoining to this, there are four buttons on every corner of the navigation scrolling wheel which signify the home, return, and left & right keys respectively. The tucked waist completes the surface of the DAP with a distinctive however stylish design aptitude.

On the top, Questyle have chosen to implement a comfortable and chic volume control in the form of a crown inspired by a high-end watch. Jason Wang says that this implementation was embarked upon for two causes: the primary for an aesthetic and timeless enchantment and the second to outline the QP1R as a precision instrument. A good move on their behalf to not only make their DAP distinctive in a market of metal blocks however also to add a touch of luxury. On the far right of the player rests a dipped line-out & optical output and on the far left, a 3.5mm headphone jack.


I didn’t mince words in regards to the user interface and I won’t about the sound either. In case you wish that the QP1R’s sound redeems its various shortcomings, then your want simply got here true: This high-resolution DAP looks warm, smooth, stunning, and endlessly participating.

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This player delivered an unbelievable sense of musical presence, whether or not it was sessions with B&W C5 in-ear monitors, B&W P5 on-ear headphones, or B&W P7s, the QP1R embraced all of them and introduced out one of the best in each. Pretty much as good because the Pioneer XPD-100R and AK Jr are, they sound colder and more analytical when in comparison with the Questyle’s device.


The player comes in two versions, QP1 as standard, and the reference version I’m reviewing, the QP1R. The QP1R makes use of higher quality components, in addition to a ‘more essential strategy to the audio circuit‘. It’s mentioned to provide decrease distortion (QP1R THD+N=0.0006%, QP1 THD+N=0.0015%) and superior sound quality. The QP1R also employs an entirely different circuit board, a bigger inside storage chip, and a whole different model of the software program.

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Playing any file is not any disadvantage. Each the usual and the ref players assist ALAC, APE, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA Lossless as much as 24bit/192kHz and high res audio records data such as DSD128 and DSD64. Internal memory is 32GB, plus this system can provide two 128G external SD Cards. Charging and the file import is via micro USB.

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  • Warm and highly efficient sound high quality.
  • Consists of 32GB internal hard drive.
  • Helps DSD128 & 24/192kHz PCM digital audio files.
  • Consists of pure class A, discrete transistors & components.
  • Reference, high audiophile quality, constructed in headphone amplifier.
  • Contains Questyle’s patented “Current Mode Amplification.”
  • Output Impendence: 0.15Ω

The bottom line

When QueStyle first visualizes making a high-resolution portable player they set themselves the goal of creating something pretty much as good as a full hi-fi set up however in portable form, they usually have managed nearly like magic to squeeze into a mobile phone-sized pint pot something fairly spectacular.

Within the Biblical Story of the Exodus, the Israelites needed to endure 40 years in the wilderness earlier than reaching the promised land. In case you can take the QP1R’s break-in period and interface issues, you’ll be bountifully rewarded with the player flowing with rich, lush, satisfying sound. Hands down that are the go-to player for the hard-core music lover and audiophile. I only want it was slightly more musical, although.

9 Total Score

This case fits the QP1R nicely

  • Definition
  • Soundstage
  • Looks
  • Solid construct.
  • Slight lack musicality.
  • The wheel!
  • I would like greater screen.

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