The tech behind last week’s massive internet attack has been identified – and is being recalled

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The world is quite coming to terms with a massive cyber assault that took whole parts of the internet offline least Friday, and the sad news is that more of those giant hacks could be coming in the future. From what we all know so far, the hackers behind the attack targeted a company known as Dyn, which provides the backbone of web services for hundreds of websites, together with Twitter, Reddit, and Amazon.

Dyn does this by acting as what’s known as an Area Name System (DNS) host, finally joining the dots between computers numerical IP addresses and the text-based domains (e.g. that you visit every day. Without that essential service being performed, you can’t be taken to the websites you wish to visit; that is why millions of people in the US and Europe couldn’t access sites like Spotify, Tumblr, PayPal, and CNN last week. The web directory for these locations was broken, owing to a wave of three coordinated attacks targeting Dyn, and overloading its network infrastructure. Those attacks are known as the (DDOS) Distributed Denial Of Service, wherever hackers use the various devices or computers to flood a target website with a massive number of fake visits simultaneously.

When this occurs, it’s like hundreds of thousands of people are all attempting to access a site on the similar time and the website host has no way of telling the fake visits from the real ones. In a short period, the site gets overloaded and can’t respond to any requests. There’s a large quantity of those machines connected to the internet. However their security is usually lousy because people never change the default username and password controls once they buy them, they don’t update the software, or they’re simply easily hacked due to vulnerable coding.

Distributed Denial Of Service attacks(DDOS) on the scale of last Friday’s attack is hard to pull off, and need a tremendous amount of the computing power. That was pulled off in a new, particularly worrying way: by taking control of everyday household electronics that are related to the internet and utilizing their processing power to do harm. The issue is an easy one: Any of the company’s previous products (made since September 2015) don’t need users to modify the default password. These products are inherently susceptible to being hacked. Within the case of the October 21 internet attack, these devices had been hacked and hijacked – the processing power was then repurposed to be used in this attack.

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