The winner of the startup battlefield in Disrupt SF 2018 … the way of thinking – the news

Initially, there were 21 startups. After three days of incredibly intense competition, we now have a winner.

Startup participating in Startup Battlefield was chosen to participate in a competitive startup competition. They all appeared before a few groups of VCs and technology leaders took the position of a judge for the chance to win 100,000 dollars and a coveted confused cup.

A few hours after deliberation, the news The editor reviewed the score of the judges and narrowed down to five finalists of CB Therapeutics, Forethought, Mira, Origami Labs, Unbound.

Cyan Banister (Founder Fund), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Jeff Clavier (Uncork Capital), Kirsten Green (Forerunner Ventures), Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), and Matthew Panzarino (News).

And now let's meet the winner of Startup Battlefield from News of Disrupt SF 2018.

Winner: Forecast

Forethought has the latest vision of business research that emphasizes the most important content of work using AI. His first use case relates to customer service, but his ambition is to work throughout the company.

More on Forethought In our separate post.

Finalist: Unbound

Unbound produces an avant – garde vibrator and the last is Palma. The new device is dressed as a ring, providing multiple speeds and is completely waterproof. And the team is planning to add an accelerometer function.

Learn more about unbound In our separate post.

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The winner of the startup battlefield in Disrupt SF 2018 ... the way of thinking - the news

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