The Xperia XZ Is The 2016 Flagship Phone Sony Should’ve Made First


The discussion over whether the Sony Xperia X, which issued in February this year, was a flagship phone or not, has been settled – it wasn’t, however, the Xperia XZ is.

This brand new flagship is the best spec device in the growing Sony Xperia X range, and it provides a lot of what we have seen earlier than, however in brilliant new packaging.

Xperia XZ

Sony has been improving its iconic boxy phone design for seven generations now. In 2013, the Xperia Z back, and that process led to the XZ, which whether you opt for it in deep black, blue or silver is by far the most effective looking phones the Japanese company has ever produced.

It makes the experience of holding a Xperia phone much more comfortable. It is a drawback Sony should have solved long ago and is a big change for the company’s latest handset.


Xperia XZ

The best way the frame design “caps” at the top and bottom of the device, mixed with 2.5D glass should be different enough to satisfy even the most jaded Sony design hater. On the back, massive camera lens and frame around the sides further emphasize.

Overall, the Xperia XZ feels nice in the hand, with no sharp edges, and is a very comfortable size at 5.2 inches.


Xperia XZ

The Sony Xperia XZ also has water resistance, however, don’t get over-excited. Next-gen means it’s waterproof. However, you can’t claim a refund when you kill it with water. The rubber seal on the SIM tray shows you get decent water resistance. However, Sony no longer welcomes dunking the phone in water. It’s finger scanner is very familiar too.

The thought is it’ll feel much like push the power button of a normal phone, however, gives safety to boot.

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Xperia XZ

It’s 5.2inch across, Full HD resolution. It’s big enough and sharp sufficient. It’s supremely saturated, the type of intensity you’d normally see on an OLED screen. We honestly didn’t notice much of a difference between the modes both. However, this may change with a software replace. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has the edge on screen quality. It may deliver supercharged colors if you need them, however also has a strict sRGB mode for the puritan crowd.

What the Sony Xperia XZ screen nails are brightness and outdoor visibility. It goes bright enough to shrug off any sunny day, with a lot better outdoor visibility than the LG G5. That is particularly useful if you like to play mobile games while out and about.


Xperia XZ

Xperia XZ comes with a 5.2-inch with Full HS Triluminos IPS LCD, 3 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 SoC, 32 GB ROM (on the single-SIM version and 64 GB of storage on the dual-SIM version) with microSD expansion, IP65/68 certification, Qnovo Adaptive Charging fingerprint scanner. This device also comes with a Cat 9 LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC 3.5mm headphone jack and a 2,900 mAh battery.

It has 23MP rear camera and 16MP Front Facing Camera. However, while practically all of those specs are the same because of the Xperia X performance from the primary quarter of Q1, there’s fairly a lot of new stuff going on. For instance, the camera provides 5-axis stabilization, triple picture sensing technology, and the capability to capture 4K video.

All informed, Simply as long as the price tag isn’t horribly over-priced Xperia X Performance.

The Sony Xperia XZ launch date is scheduled for October 23.

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Display Size: 5.2″ Full HD Triluminos IPS LCD
Processor: Quad-core, 64-bit Snapdragon 820
RAM: 3 GB of RAM
Storage: 32 GB/64 GB
Rear camera: 23 MP
Front Facing camera: 13 MP
Battery Life: 2,900 mAh
Connectivity: Wi-Fi Miracast, Bluetooth 4.2

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Xperia XZ

It is Sony Xperia XZ feels a little lost in the combination, with a very similar spec listing to the Xperia X Performance and Xperia Z5 series, however, the design tweaks have made the main difference to the appearance of the phone, making the Xperia XZ the most good looking handsets of 2016.

New camera technology shows the company is attempting to improve its 23MP sensor too, while innovations such because the USB-C tech feels like a step ahead. When you own a Sony handset from the last year, there’s no key reason to replace to the Xperia XZ.

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