These poll results measuring reactions to the new iPhones are, well, mostly what you’d expect

Result of Harris survey to measure people's response to the new iPhone model 9to 5Mac Summary of highlights, such as almost half of the people surveyed are excited about Apple's launch this week.

What is noteworthy about this survey is something like Rorschach's test of the idea of ​​iPhone makers, especially when watching the results deeper. The above results tell one or the other, depending on the existing attitude about the business you bring to the table.

In the case of Ecuret, about 26% of respondents (1,001 adults) rated the new iPhone model as "exciting" and 22% as "Apple" innovator. There was no contact. That normal wisdom that Apple is no longer doing exciting people – You can show these results and prove that skeptics are wrong more than ten years ago from the birth of the iPhone can do.

Or you can go through the half empty glass path and oppose it. Half of the people in this vote do not feel that way. About half of the respondents who reported hot and ambiguous emotions about the new model, about 25% had negative comments. 9% recognized the release of the new model as "bored." 9% said it was overwhelmed, 5% confused and 2% said it was disappointed.

"Most of the respondents were 28% and the launch was" as planned " 9to 5Mac It shows that Apple was unable to draw outstanding surprises from this year 's hat.

In the case of iPhone XS and XS Max, the number of people who purchased iPhone XS had drastically decreased, but those who replied that they are always purchasing are decreasing by 11%. "

On this site, 30% of people trying to upgrade answer that they choose XR, whereas XS is 24% and XS Max is 23%.

In summary, if you think that Apple really is not wasting time under the leadership of Tim Cook, you can find some data here to emphasize your beliefs. If you think Apple's best time is behind you, you are …


Hope you like the news These poll results measuring reactions to the new iPhones are, well, mostly what you’d expect. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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