These Upcoming Features Aim To Make PUBG Faster And Smoother

PUBG, Tencent Games' hugely popular royal fighting game, has been successful in the world of video games since its launch last year. The game has gained momentum and attracted millions of fans around the world.

At the 2018 PUBG Mobile Cus Chionship, which was just finished, a team from Mumbai won the prize, 15 Rs lakh, after winning the final of the final in Bangalore. The big update to the PUBG Corp game scheduled today will add new features to the game.

Playing PUBG can be latency free

In the next few functions, the company has planned to solve the problems of delay that many players are faring into. The problems of delay during the opening of the inventory are also corrected.

PUBG will also have a feature that will only download the various files when updating a map. Assuming that the game client is version 090 after the upgrade, then the Miramar card only needs 13 MB instead of 300 MB.

Less loading time for PUBG

In addition to these features, other solutions offer faster load times during startup and reduced memory usage in the lobby. Fixed some issues with blocking games, as well as issues with blurring.

PUBG will also include an improved Game Update feature, and some issues that may cause updates to fail are resolved. With the new features and fixes mentioned above, the game also gets a new pistol, a new vehicle, and several weapon upgrades. To add some spice to the game's gameplay, PUBG also uses a night mode for its Erangel card with new additions to its equipment, such as night vision goggles.

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