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New Delhi: Apple released the latest iPhone – iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max earlier this month. Both devices were released in different countries including India later this month. We know that iPhone XS Max is the most expensive iPhone ever launched. The 512 GB storage version of the iPhone XS Max is $ 1,449, did you know that it is only 10% of the version sold by Russian luxury brand Caviar?

Caviar is known for the sale of personalized iPhone. This time, the company installed iPhone XS Max on the top fine gold rear panel. Mobile phones in this segment are made up of 150 grams of precious metal. Maximum Fine Gold is one of the things the company has revised up to five times with gold.

The company announced various models of iPhone XS Max that included Max Invincible at $ 5,500. This includes a custom back made from 1 mm hard titanium, and also has bulletproof processing. Next to the list of Maximum Ultralight sold for $ 5,200, it is made using carbon instead of glass. This design reduces the weight of the smartphone. Next is Maximum Diamonds, which is $ 9,890, with 400 diamonds on the back panel. Finally, there is a Maximum Gold edition of $ 5,960 completed with full gold plating.

The company offers free shipping worldwide. Each order comes with a wooden case and black velvet lining. Customers can also use the warranty card, USB cable, and charger to find the authentication certificate in the box. However, please note that Caviar's customization violates Apple's proprietary warranty.

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