This country alleges that Twitter blocks legitimate accounts

TEHRAN: Iran is dissatisfied with how Twitter dismisses unauthorized accounts as microblogging site says "closed" Iranian accounts are closed and anti-government bots are allowing the prosperity of the government I hold him.

Foreign Minister of Muhammad, Jabaad Zalif of Iran said that Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey said that the story of 'true' Iranian people blocked on Twitter includes stories of several presenters and TV students, CNET Reported.

"Hello @ Jack Twitter secretly holds a secret account of real Iranians (including TV presenters, students)," Zarif wrote in tweets.

"How about supporting the propaganda of the change of power that comes out from the DC looking at the actual robot used in Tirana?" He pointed to the same tweet to Albert's capital.

Facebook and Twitter fell under the investigators' radar as they claim that they can not block many discrete information being broadcast on their platform before the 2016 US presidential election.

Last month, a social media giant announced that he deleted hundreds of genuine pages, groups, accounts related to incorrect information at once.

Twitter said that according to the CNET report, it stopped the account of 284 Iran related "coordinated operations".

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