This horrible graphic of the weather channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence

The new video of The Weather Channel shows in real time the flood risks of some Carolinas, as the Philippine Hurricane Florence hits the coast. The storm is slowly moving and is expected to cause not only heavy rain but also a wave of intense storms. "It is a recipe for flood disaster," meteorologist Marshall Shepard said. Hatsuko I told Monday in an interview.

When the National Hurricane Center gets over 2 feet or more and 11 feet or more in height, however, it is difficult to visualize what these numbers are Average For someone near the water. The National Hurricane Center tried to clarify it with cartoons that show that the rainbow-colored water level is floating above the head of the house.

Graphs are more efficient than numbers and cards. However Weather channel Mixed reality showing the waters around screen meteorologists including Greg Postel and Ericka Navarro will be used to further advance the visual. As the wind floats, floating cars sink to the surface, floods float on the head.

Mixed reality graphics created in partnership with the augmented reality company The Future Group uses the popular video game development platform Unreal engine. "The Unreal engine generates real-time effects," says Ren LaForme. "Rather than creating and rendering effects with post-production used to create most movie images, Piner When Weather channel I presented this technology with a tornado demonstration.

Weather channel Since I have been using …

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This horrible graphic of the weather channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence

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